Contouring Compressor

The Sound of TWEEZER

Tweezer is a punchy, vintage VCA powerhouse of a compressor, packed into a single 500 series module.
With an independent, pre-compression distortion section – capable of everything from subtle warming to intense, fiery overdrive – a widely variable “tilting” eq in the sidechain, attack & release controls capable of extreme speeds, and built-in parallel compression, Tweezer’s endless sonic palette rewards fearless experimentation.
tweezer lineup
After witnessing the enormous success of TWEAKER — Kush's 19" Rackmount Mono Compressor — we immediately turned our attention to condensing the same versatility and tone of that groundbreaking hardware into the limited space of a 500 module.
Tweezer Trench Run
In development since the day Tweaker was released, we finally landed on a brand new piece of gear that ticks all the boxes that represent what this generation of Kush compression has to offer.

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