Omega TWK

70's Transistor Clipping

A lovely saturation and distortion generator pulled straight from the heart of Kush’s own Tweaker hardware compressor.

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The Sound of Omega TWK

Model TWK is a vintage distortion pulled straight from the heart of Kush's own Tweaker hardware compressor. The sound of Omega TWK comes from modeling the way Tweaker overdrives a pair of “supermatched transistors” feeding a long chain of dirty 70's op-amps, all of which have specs that, by modern standards, would be considered abysmal.

The effect of lightly grinding each of Tweakers gentle clipping stages in series is a smooth, thick, and slightly dark saturation. Because of that, Model TWK (like the Tweaker itself) goes from 'mellow & sweet' to 'angry & abrasive' and all points in between.

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