LG Drive

2-Stage Tube Sat

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The Sound of LG Drive

At its heart, LG Drive is an elegantly simple device, a 2-Stage Tube Saturation colorbox whose thick, creamy distortions are pulled straight from the AR-1 variable-mµ compressor.  When those distortions are coupled with a simple but powerful set of filters, then blended with the unprocessed signal, the result is a deceptively powerful tone-shaping tool that rivals (and often surpasses) eq with its ability to thicken and energize anemic drums, dramatically lift and level out dull, unruly vocals, add clarity and definition to murky bass, and fundamentally shift the tone and vibe of an entire mix.

LG Drive achieves dramatic shifts in tone with minimal objectionable artifacts through the use of gentle, cascading phase-coherent filters (not to be confused with phase-linear filters, which are generally unkind to low-frequency transients).  Our custom filters can be made increasingly steep without invoking unwanted resonant bumps or intense phase cancellations at the crossover points when blended in parallel.   Use these custom Hi and Lo Cut filters in tandem with the Drive and Tone (tilting eq) controls to isolate the emotional heart of the sound, texturize it, and blend it with the unprocessed input to shape the resulting colorations.  Or, simply leave the ancillary controls untouched and use nothing but Drive to infuse your tracks with the classy harmonic mojo of Lisson Grove’s tube and transformer circuits.

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